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JetSwap service produces points redemption from our members. Here we describe conditions for redemption of points from users:
  • Points redempting from members, the average activity of which at least 30 views of sites a day. This means, that for all time of participation in our service, you should visit an average of at least 30 sites per day. For example, if you participate in service of 2 days, you should visit at least 60 sites, if the month (30 days), then at least 900 sites. Your average activity you can find on the main page of account, in the heading "Sites" on the line You have visited sites average per day / total: /Y, where X is average activity
  • Cost of points redemption is calculated as 1.5 * the cost of the minimum offer for sale at Points Stock, but not more, than 0.5$/1000 points and determined several times a day by automated program.
  • Member must be a participant of our service for at least 30 days.
  • Single member can sell not more than 3000 points per day and not more than 50,000 pointss per month.
  • The total amount available for redemption, is indicated on the relevant page and replenished by buying credits from the system. In any case, you can't sell more points, than shown as maximum possible amount for redemption. The system provides no assurances that the fund redemption of pointss at the moment will have non-zero value, and that you can either immediately or after a certain time to sell all of the desired amount of points or part thereof.
  • Points are redempted by the parties that are multiples of 100 points.
  • You can carry out the sale of points in Your Account, or by our client software (SafeSurf) during the surfing.
  • According to points redemption from account, valid restriction - no more than one attempt to sell for 1 minute. For redemptions by SafeSurf, time interval - one minute. It is allowed to use redemption mode on all copies of SafeSurf simultaneously.
  • In the implementation of redemption by account, redemption by all copies of SafeSurf will be suspended for a certain period of time.

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