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About the service: full description
JetSwap system was created to facilitate the promotion of new projects on the Web. After creating the project it is enough to set one or several system scripts on it (if you will set all the scripts, effect will be maximal) and get a small initial group of visitors. Just a few person a day, which will visit your site pages is enough to get a lot of other visitors. System scripts, created for setting on your site pages, allow you to automate the earning points process, for further promotion. You will earn points from your visitors. Just observe the process and take no action!

To start promotion, a certain number of visitors is needed. They can be obtained for free by viewing sites of other participants in surfing and autosurfing. If you don't have time or desire, or are there any other reasons, why you can not browse the sites of participants, you may purchase points for your project promotion. Minimum of 100 points. Maximum is not limited. Initial cost - $ 1 for 1000 points is reduced by increasing the volume of points purchased. We have up to 30% discounts. For every 500 points, purchased from the system, we provide you one day of VIP-promotion.

Viewing sites of participants is not limited in our service. Even when the amount of impressions, that's been set by participant , has expired or ran out of points, anyway, the system will continue to display your site for members, but it's free! Typically, systems with similar features are intended to promote their projects only, but we also promote sites of our participants! Thus, impressions for webmaster stay free, and viewing the site visitor, earn his/her amount of points!

Timer for site impressions can be set from 30 to 300 seconds (5 minutes)! If your site loads too long or you want a longer delay from a visitor, then this opportunity is especially for you!

You can automate your points earnings, not only setting the system scripts on your site, but also attracting new members into the system! With each invited participant, you will earn 5% of your referral earnings. Not enough? You are able to increase your rate. Increase in percentage of referrals is unlimited, you can earn even more than your referrals! If you have no friends on the web, which also, as you, are interested in promotion of their sites, but you wish to have your own automatic referral income, the system can help you with that. Just purchase refferals, using the system! The price of each referral is individual and depends on hiss/her activity in the system, but usually not too high.

The following are the basic technologies of advertising used in the system:

Surfing - viewing sites in a frame. Time-proven technology. There is an unique cheat-security system - Customer must choose an answer to earn point for viewing the page. Moreover, this answer is very difficult to recognize automatically - there are more than 20 ways to generate a random number. Timers - from 30 to 300 seconds. Over the 30-second view is calculated from 1 to 2 credits. For else, while watching the price varies in proportion to time.
Autosurfing - the same as surfing, but the sites are changing automatically. You can run the autosurfing, relax and observe the sites. For viewing the site in 30 seconds, visitor earns from 0.5 to 1 point. You don't need to choose the answer.
Web-Surfing - special site promotion technology, that allows you to earn points from your site visitors. To use this technology, you must set the script into your site page to start impressions of promoted sites for visitors of yours. You earn from 0.5 to 1 point per one impression.
PopUp-Surfing - is not the usual pop-up window, which just shows any site, this is PopUp, which runs Autosurfing. Thus, setting the script into your site page, you will earn not only one point per visit, but unlimited amount of points, until the visitor will close the PopUp-surfing page. You earn from 0.5 to 1 point per impression, as in Web-Surfing.
Task-Surfing - exclusive surfing technology, available only in JetSwap! Your site visitors are not angred by presence of promotion, but are even interested in viewing! The visitor should get a certain amount of points, after which the system gives him access to the secret link.More info
Banner networks - system supports 5 popular formats of banner networks - 468x60, 120x60, 100x100, 88x31, 468x15(Text). Our banner networks comission is only between 15% to 0% (while a lot of other networks, take not less than 15%) .
Web Directory - directory in which you can submit your sites with detailed description. Sites in the directory, by default located in descending order of their hits for the current day. But members can sort them by other criterion. Search directory with about to 50 categories is avialable. And most importantly -- place our Web-Dirrectory button on the site, and for every unique click on it by visitor, you will earn 1 point There's no any other Web-Dirrectory, that has a feature like this!
VIP-Promotion or VIP- membership - gives priority to impress your sites before the sites of other participants. This option is paid, and costs depending on the number of VIP-Members.The number of yor site impressions increases in 5-10 times (if it is not limited to)! More info.

Also exist in the system:

  • Points transfer Points transfer between accounts is available to All the participants of the service. Transfer comission is only 5%. Also available transfer of banner impressions to impressions (credits) and in reverse order. 1 point = 10 of 46860 = 20 of 12060 = 15 of 100100 = 25 of 46815 = 30 of 8831. Service has no comission For transfer of points in impressions.
  • Sale of points, referrals, with interest from them Yo may purchase points for $1/1000. The system also sells and leases active referrals to automate the process of points earnings. If amount of points, you earn from your refferals is not enough for you, you can increase earnings from them. If your site lacks attendance from points on your custom account, You may get an additional priority. Purchasing points from the service, you have priority as a gift.More info
  • Bonuses for performing tasks and actions - more...
  • Points Stock, where you can buy or sell points at a good price for you. There's a lot of points for the lowest price! Approximately, some services sell banner impressions at that price, and we sell the real live visitors. It is very profitable to use our stock for purchasing points!
  • Competent service support, that will quickly answer all your questions.

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