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Hidden mode site impressions
It happens that a particular page to send traffic, while not essential, will it be wached or not, Or it impressions for real visitors is quite undesirable. Especially for this you can use a hidden mode site impressions. In this mode, your site is loaded as usual - completely, but at the same time no one see it.
  • Allows you to get more traffic than using of traditional surfing
  • Visitors can't see the site content.
  • The site is loaded in hidden mode as on sites that have placed a special script, and by SafeSurf client. In SafeSurf it can be loaded when the program runs in a hidden or minimized modes, or normal, but the contents of the site and the URL will not be shown to visitors (will be closed by message about hidden impressions)
  • Three possible impressions mode: - deny hidden impression, allow hidden impression (site will be shown as in hidden mode, so in normal), allow only hidden impression (site will be shown only in hidden mode)
Please note, that all without exception special settings required to enter in hidden mode also. As in hidden mode it is mor difficult to detect violations, fines for any violations by promoted site in hidden mode is Treble!

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