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Paid E-mails
We offer you the most effective online promotion way - Paid E-Mails! Promotion effect 500%
Our service benefits:
  • Reliable protection against cheating. All impressions are guaranteed!
  • You'll get your money back for emails, that have not got the recipients!
  • High Control of uploading graphics, Flash and other site content.
  • Funds will not be spent in vain - Paid Emails is sent only to active members!
How's it works?

To create E-Mail delivery, log into your account. There you can choose the price for your site impression (minimum of 0.3 cents, or 6 points = 15 seconds). The higher price, the greater desire of users to your site visitor, and the more time they will guaranteed spend on it. The maximum you can order is whole 10 minutes (!). You choose the number of members who should receive your email and your newsletter is sent. The required amount is debited from your account for the implementation of e-mail lists. The minimum - only 10 emails!

Then members has oppoetunity to visit your site during the week. For each unique visitor funds is debited from mailing amount. We have very strict control of uniqueness. Visits to your site will not be counted if:

  • Visitor use proxy server.
  • A visitor with this IP-addresses have allready visited your site
  • This service member have allready visited your site
  • Visit with this computer has already made.
  • If visitor has denied downloads of graphics in browser.
  • If a visitor clicked on the Stop button, when viewing the site, or otherwise have suspended the site impression
  • If the visitor enters the code does not correspond to reality than not confirmed that he is a human, not a program (text, generated by our code generator can parse only person )
  • Visitor is OBLIGED to watch the site during all the time, you ordered (from 1 to 10 minutes).
While the user does not comply all these conditions, your funds will not be debited from your account! The visitor is given an unlimited number of attempts, while your site will receive hits from viewing of browsing page for free !

7 days is given for members to visit your project. Upon expiration of 7 days, unused money will be returned to the main account. You will get an email with detailed report on promotion campaign.

About price and quality

We have a minimum price of 0.3 cents per email. Some may not like - say expencive. Yes, expencive, but you will not find anywhere else such quality! We have taken unprecedented measures to protect E-Mail lists of auto-surfing by hackers.

Our service guarantees, that your site will be viewed by human for at least 1 minute!

In our system, due to the conditions described above, breaking completely eliminated! User will visit your site and user will be interested in your project! You'll get thousands of visitors to your site!


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