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JetSwap — Active site promotion
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Sellers and Developers
Jetswap service provides an unusually wide opportunities for APS (Active Promotion Systems). Now sellers and developers are able to integrate their sites with our service.

Distinctive features of our proposals to sellers and developers:

  • You can accept and handle automatic payments from members of JetSwap (in points and money), and also payments from members of any payment systems , currently integrated with the service.
  • Excellent opportunity: to offer service and goods in credit for certified members of WebMoney! Credit - is an unique opportunity to attract even those customers who currently can not afford. In addition, they will subconsciously feel that the project, able to issue a credit, is a worthy partner and will not close in a couple of days.
  • When you integrate your service with the new payment systems, you don't have to change a single line of scripts on your site !
  • Available for you:
    1) Automatical interfaces for points and funds transfering from your account to accounts of service members.
    2) Balance checking, to fully integrate your site with our service.
    3) The possibility of creating such sites as:
    a) Automatic Points Stock
    b) Any kinds of gaming sites (on points and money).
    c) Any other sites with non-required human participation, fully automatical and and working for you 24 hours a Day!
  • Tens of thouthand of people will know about your site, and also services, ready to spend money on points and pay for your goods and services! Submit your site to Our Web-Dirrectory, with sites, accepting JetSwap Points and Money. Your web-resuorce will not be lost! It surely will be found and loved by people!
In addition, super proposal! For first 50 resources, submited to Our Web-Dirrectory, of sites, accepting JetSwap points and money, and providing goods or services for Jetswap points and money, in an automatic mode, (ie, immediately after the payment of points, customer obtains a product or service), 10000 points as a gift for site promotion!

This offer is valid until you see this text here! For rewards, contact customer support. Support has the right to refuse to pay compensation if it finds that your site is made for 5 minutes, or offer goods that have no customer value.


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