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Special settings
In our servise is possible promotion of almost any sites. The purpose of this page - to explain what and how to set to comply with the rules of the system and avoid fines. Remember the general rule - ANYTHING can be promoted in surfing, if it does not preclude the continuation of surfing, and all the settings, which is described below were complied. In case of promotion not in surfing, all the promotion materials must on 100% conform to the rules of the system.

You should have noticed that some of the system rules is market by spelial icons - [*] - [*****]. This points of rules may be violated, if the special settings according to each rule, were specified in site settings. Let's consider every option that should be set for a particular violation.

  • [*] Only SafeSurf impressions
    Enable this option if your site contains pop-up windows or breaking surfing frame.

    Pop-up windows is the pages, that opens in new windows of the browser. Windows, which "float" within the site are not pop-ups.
    Breaking of surfing frame is the situation, when the site destroys the control frame and turns on the full browser window. It can be checked by http://www.jetswap.com/test.php?http:// your_site_url, where your_site_url should be replaced with an appropriate value. If you see a site in a frame, not unfolded in all the browser window, then everything is fine. If it unfolds, you should set this tick.

  • [**] Erotic/porn/scams/without content etc.
    Enable this option to be able to advertise sites that break Russia's legislation, standards of public morality, erotic and pornographic websites, sex shops, intimate encounters, services, etc., containing the individual elements or references to such elements or sites that can be attributed to these categories. In addition, this checkmark must be set, if your site does not contain any useful content, or it contains less useful content, than advertising materials, established on the site (moderator's view in this case is the only true and not appealable, when you are in doubt, to enable it or not, then better to enable the option).

    For example, if your site has banner type like dosug.nu, or pop-type banners as popunder.ru with adult content or leading to a page with porn , if your site is a porn site, erotic top, lottery scam on earnings laundering through bureaux de change, magic wallets or any other lottery scam, then certainly the option must be set. Do not overdo with the number of banners - if your site contains too much banners and it will interfere with normal browsing, then your site will be suspended and penalized.

  • [***] Downloading other sites by Frame/IFrame/traffic exchange/viruces
    If your site loads other pages in itself (any), such as participating in affiliate programs to exchange traffic (typical examples - richtraffic.ru, lank.ru, etc.) or contains a virus (typically, viruses are downloading, exactly in such the affiliate programs, so they are merged into one category), then Enable this option.

    Do not overdo this - if your site contains viruses and it will interfere with normal browsing, then your site will be suspended and fined!

  • [****] Sounds and video
    Enable this option if while browsing of your site any sounds is heared, even the most minor, or any video is running.

  • [*****] Redirecting to other sites (without breaking of the surfing frame)
    Enable this option if your site performs redirection to other sites, without breaking of the surfing frame.
What if... Please Read the description of typical situations to dispel any possible misconceptions. This list is not complete, but gives a general idea. Basic rule: mark all the checkboxes, that is related to violations of the rules can happen!

  • Option [***] is enabled and browsing in a frame site, has destroyed the surfing frame or has opened pop-up window
    Your site will be suspended for frame breaking. You are responsible for all site content, regardless of its suppliers. It was necessary to enable [*] option also to be able to break the surfing frame.

  • Option[***] is enabled and visitor can see and hear site with music in the frame.
    You will be suspended for the music, it was necessary to enable [****] option also.

  • Option[***] is enabled and site, browsed in frame hangs browser.
    You will be suspended for obstruction to continue surfing. There is no absolute protection from this in options settings form, but try to enable[*] option.

  • Option[***] is enabled and downloaded in hidden frame site, contains porn and breaking the frame
    . You will be suspended for porn promotion and frame breaking. it was necessary to enable [*] and [**] options. Although, if there is a strong belief that the site will not break the frame, these options can be disabled. If the site is loading in hidden mode (not visible to the visitor), it does not violate [**] rules.

  • Option[*****] is enabled and your site has performed redirrection to site with adult content.
    You will be suspended for porn promotion, it was necessary to enable [**] option too.

  • In your site is placed web-surfing of our service or other.
    You should enable [***] option, because your website loads others sites.

  • In your site is placed popup- of our service or other.
    You should enable [*] option, because your site opens new pop-up windows.
And so on. The main rule should already be clear - you are responsible for all the content of the sites, you promote, and if this content will behave inappropriately, blame will lay only on you in any case. So it is worth to note any possible violations.

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