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VirtualSurf — safe sirfing
Let us introduce you VirtualSurf technology, that guarantees 100% of protection for your computer from viruses while surfing.

  • The basic idea of safe surfing technology.
You need to create a virtual machine, which will display the sites. Virtual Machine - is a program that will be created on your computer, another computer, but virtual. In case of malicious script on the site, the consequences of its implementation will be reflected only in the virtual machine without bringing any harm to your computer. By configuring a virtual machine properly, you can get rid of these effects - after you will disable virtual machine, all changes will be erased and return to the original settings, when no viruses on the machine were existed.

Create and customize virtual machine on your computer is not difficult. Thanks to the following video, any person, has ever installed Windows and programs, is able to perform this. After spending a 2-3 hours to install and configure the VM, you will save much more time to reinstall OS and programs on its on your computer, and prevent the possible theft of confidential data. More about virtual machines you can find here.

  • Setting the safe surfing. Text description
This is a brief description of the proposed action, more suitable for professionals. If you do not understand, see the video below.
1. Download and install VirtualPC
2. Create a new virtual machine and configure it:
  • OS Windows XP
  • Memory required 512 Mb
  • Enable Undo Disks (Undo Disks -> Enable Undo Disks)
  • Networking - > Shared Networking
3. Start the VM, install the most recent distribution of Windows on it
4. Install freeKaspersky antivirus and firewall (at your choice). Disable monitoring of all ports in Kaspersky and blocking of advertising on sites (if any) in FireWall.
5. Instal and configure SafeSurf Do not mark "Run from Windows", the rest options - to be enabled.
6. The method of running a virtual machine, after all the settings:
  • First running: waiting for few minutes, while Kaspersky will be updated, Turning off the VM and saving changes (choose 2 in the drop-down list that appears when you turn off VM, when clicking on the cross on the VM window (Shutdown & Save Changes))
  • Second running: running SafeSurf. Disabling VM with erasing of all changes (choose 4 in the drop-down list that appears when you turn off VM, when clicking on the cross on the VM window (Shutdown & Save Changes))
    • Setting safe surving. Videos.
    If you don't understand, watch videos, clearly demonstrating the configuration of virtual machines. Video is identical, but differs in the way to show.

    Before watching videos, download and install VirtualPC

    • Video 1 - step by step. Playback stops after each step. Looks very convenient: a step completed, moved to the next step, etc. To continue, are causing to remember to click on the balloon. Size: 21 Mb.
    • Video 2 - standart. Playback doesn't stops. Size: 21 Mb.

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